The Book


52 prompts for setting up and writing your Career Journal

‘Prompt: 52 Prompts for Setting up and Writing Your Career Journal” is a book for everyone who is serious about developing their career.

By following the Career Journal Prompts in this book you will begin to fill in your Career Journal and have a fantastic introduction to using a Career Journal. By the time you finish this book (or workbook) you will be well on your way to being an enthusiastic Career Journalist.

You NEED this book if you….

  • are looking to find some direction and start setting goals?
  • are looking to actively manage your career development?
  • are a professional looking to stand-out from the crowd and not just manage but maximise your career development?
  • are looking for a new job?
  • are looking to advance your career?
  • want to create a record of your professional life?

By using this book you will learn:

  • the advantages of keeping and writing a Career Journal;
  • how to create and organise your Career Journal;
  • how to find the time to write in your Career Journal; and
  • how to make Career Journaling a regular and worthwhile habit.

Unlock your own career development potential and take control.

Don’t forget you can also join in with the Career Development Prompt Series on the blog designed for current Career Journalists.

Get your copy now! Only £9.50 for PRINT edition


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