Career Development Notebook

The Career Development Goals Notebook has been our best-selling notebook of 2013 and prompted the start of the DIY Career Development Blog, the Prompt Book and other fantastic career focused products for professionals. The Printed Portal  Organisational Notebooks are fashioned for both the professional and the creative so please visit the printed portal website for full details and more information about the collection.

Available in a our signature Printed Portal Red  – the Career Development Goals Notebook is equipped to guide you through the next year of developing your career and can easily be used in conjunction with your Career Journal.

Product information:

  • Pocket Size: 10.8×17.48cm
  • 40 pages of organisational goodness
  • Perfect Bound

Organisational Content includes:

  • Mission Statement
  • Breaking down your long-term goals
  • Goals for this year
  • Steps for each goal
  • Progress Tracker
  • Monthly Reviews
  • End of Year Debrief

Available Editions:

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