R is for… Responsibilities

ato z of interview skills

R is for….What are your Responsibilities in your job?

You are being asked to define your job. What responsibilities do you currently have? This is an opportunity to talk about what you do and explain in more detail the day-to-day job. I have been asked the question ‘what do you do’ and it can be a very difficult (and wide-ranging) question to answer concisely.

A little bit of preparation on this question can be useful to run through prior to interview. This could include highlighting which of your responsibilities are most relevant for the job you are applying for to make sure you are getting these into your answer. It is a good opportunity to review the original job listing/description for the role.

Using your career journal will help you find inspiration for Interview Questions and help you prepare, practice and review your answers. This can be a great technique which is why I have chosen to use the A to Z of Interview Questions Posts as Journal Prompts. If you don’t already have a career journal this is the perfect excuse to get started.


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