G is for… Greatest Achievement

ato z of interview skills

G is for… What is your Greatest Achievement?

(or some variation thereof).

As part of your Career Journal you should already have an ‘achievements’ section listing your achievements both inside and outside of work.

At interview the task should be picking a relevant and recent achievement. On your list of achievements you may have ‘Cheerleader of the year 2004’ but that is unlikely to be relevant for your next career move so it is important to keep adding to you Achievements List, but to also keep in mind which achievements will show the required skills and strengths for the job you have applied for.

  • Pick an achievement that you are genuinely proud of.
  • Pick an achievement that will impress them.
  • If you cannot pick an achievement that directly relates to the job – pick one that demonstrates the necessary skills.
  • Pick an achievement where you overcame challenges or solved a problem.

When talking about your Greatest Achievement – be specific, be clear and tell a story. Describe to the interviewer what you achieved, the circumstances /context and the impact that it had. When preparing for a job interview don’t forget to earmark some achievements to talk about.

Using your career journal will help you find inspiration for Interview Questions and help you prepare, practice and review your answers. This can be a great technique which is why I have chosen to use the A to Z of Interview Questions Posts as Journal Prompts. If you don’t already have a career journal this is the perfect excuse to get started.


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