C is for… Company

ato z of interview skills

C is for… Why do you want to work for this COMPANY?

Active Job Seekers run the risk of applying for so many jobs that they cannot recall why they want to work for a particular company or a particular job – you don’t want to seem desperate for just any job. If you are a job-seeker who is simply seeking the right opportunity or your next move – you may have a better idea of why you want to work for a particular company prior to even making your application.

Either way – prior to facing an interview it is important to be clear about why you want to work for the Company interviewing you (and to a certain extent why they would be interested in hiring you).

This should be a question you prepare and practice from scratch each time you have an interview.

When carrying out your company research think about both why you want to work for them and why they would want to hire you and keep a record of this in your career journal.

Then you can move onto drafting a potential answer to this question. Just remember – be genuine and try (if possible) for avoid the clichés.

Using your career journal will help you find inspiration for Interview Questions and help you prepare, practice and review your answers. This can be a great technique which is why I have chosen to use the A to Z of Interview Questions Posts as Journal Prompts. If you don’t already have a career journal this is the perfect excuse to get started.


3 thoughts on “C is for… Company

  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier. This is wonderful advice and so important when interviewing for a job. In today’s job market you certainly need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed and showing the interviewers that you know what the company is about is essential.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

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