A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal


Greetings and Welcome A to Z Participants (and readers) to my A to Z Theme Reveal. Last year during the challenge I blogged about Career Development which then went on to inspire this blog and my career development book: Prompt: 52 Prompts for Setting up and Writing Your Career Journal. 

This year I hope to continue to help and inspire Career Journalists, job-seekers and other go-getters interested in professional career development by writing an A to Z of Interview Questions.

ato z of interview skills

Regular readers will know that I believe that writing a career journal can help you manage your career and personal development. This includes helping you prepare for job interviews and simply helping you align your priorities. Using your career journal will help you find inspiration for Interview Questions and help you prepare, practice and review your answers. This can be a great technique which is why I have chosen to use the A to Z of Interview Questions Posts as Journal Prompts. If you don’t already have a career journal this is the perfect excuse to get started.

I look forward to seeing you during the challenge. In the meantime you can keep in touch by subscribing to the newsletter or following me on twitter.

Career Dev Prompt #13: Spring Clean… your C.V.


When did you last update your C.V? I highly recommend that you do – even if you have not changed jobs since you last updated you C.V. and even if you are not looking for a new job. Regular reviews can help you keep career-minded and help find gaps in your skills and career development.

PROMPT: Spring Clean your C.V.

Subscribers of our Career Development Prompts Premium Plan will be able to download our Spring Cleaning Checklist/Printable.

Career Dev Prompt #12: Spring Clean… your Goals


For part two of Spring Clean your Career I would like to encourage you to Spring Clean and Review your Career Goals. Career Goals need nurtured, actioned and reviewed.

PROMPT: complete a review of your Career Goals.

If you already use our Career Development Goals Notebook use one of the Goal Review Sheets and update your Progress Tracker. If you do not use our notebook but are a Career Dev Premium Subscriber you can download our Standalone Goals Review Sheet.

You can also take the opportunity to not only review the progress of your existing goals, but decide whether there are any new goals that should be added to the list.

Career Dev Prompt #11: Spring Clean… your Workspace


March, supposedly marks the beginning of Spring with more daylight hours to help improve our productivity. This month we are writing a short series of prompts to help you ‘Spring Clean your Career’. This week we are starting with the obvious – spring clean your workspace. A workplace spring clean can declutter your mind and improve your productivity and focus. It can also make you less stressed and appear as cool as a cucumber during this busy month. It is a Win-Win!

PROMPT: this week set aside an hour (maybe two depending on how messy your desk is) to spring clean your desk/workplace.

Subscribers of our Career Development Prompts Premium Plan will be able to download our Spring Cleaning Checklist/Printable.