M is for… Meeting Management

Meetings are a large part of corporate life, there may be some days where you feel your entire day is made up of meetings. For everyone’s benefit meetings should be productive and effective.

The ability to run and manage meetings is a skill. Properly run meetings can save time, increase motivation, productivity, and solve problems. However, a badly run meeting can do the exact opposite. 

What makes a good meeting?

A good meeting has a purpose, a set agenda, only has the necessary attendees, and is run efficiently. As an employee you want to be able to show that you can run efficient meetings and obtain the necessary outcomes.

Well run meetings can save time and money by getting everyone in one room and getting the job done – but this will also need you to call on your other skills such as presenting, problem-solving and decision making.

The easiest way to demonstrate and develop this skill is to practice. Run meetings, set and control the agenda, take the weight and responsibility off your boss and you will soon be showing that you are a capable individual.


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