5 Steps to help you get everything done before you leave the office

1. GET STARTED NOW (and keep your head down).

It is easy at Christmas time to get caught up in the christmas spirit and the gossip at the water cooler / kitchen / coffee machine. Doing more work now and maintaining the momentum will mean that you can rest easy and relax over the Christmas Period.

2. PRIORITISE (and agree with clients what can wait until the new year)

If you write a master to do list of everything that needs done and work out a priority ranking for them. Start will all the things you need to get done, followed by those that would be nice extras.


If you haven’t already bought your 2014 diary or you haven’t started thinking into the next year do it now. Stop booking in things in December and start making appointments in the new year (advise your secretary of the same).


Keep track of when your key client, customers and colleagues are out of the office and plan your work accordingly. Need to get a document signed off? make sure you get it done while you still can. If you know you need input from someone who is on holiday and you won’t be able to progress a particular to-do put it on hold and work on something else.

5. HAVE A CUT OFF POINT (and say no!)

Have a cut off point for accepting new work or checking and dealing with letters and email etc. Even take it the extra step and put your out of office on early.


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