L is for… leadership

What is Leadership?

The definition of leadership and what it means in the workplace varies between companies and between individuals. The dictionary definition is

“the action of leading a group of people or the ability to do this”

If you haven’t already – read this great article from Forbes – what is leadership?


I am not an expert on Leadership and I am not in an obvious ‘leadership role’, but I have come to realise that there is plenty that you can do to help demonstrate and develop leadership skills even if you are not in a leadership role so today I am simply going to share my skill development plan:

  1. Take on a Leadership Role Outside of Work – I currently do volunteering activities and participate in a number of clubcs etc. I used to take on leadership roles when I was at school and university and this year I am taking on a commitee role to help boost skills outside of work.
  2. Do Leadership Training Where I Can – I always try to boost skills by signing up for various training courses when they become available and by reading books. This year I have doing confidence, public speaking, coaching training to name a few in 2014 I hope to find some more leadership orientated courses to sign up to whether they are through work or otherwise.
  3. Write an Action Plan for the Workplace – I have started to write a personalised plan on how to become a leader in my own workplace. This involes learning more about the workplace culture, getting to know people and their style of working, identifying what I can contribute to the workplace.
  4. Volunteer to help – In 2014 I am going to be a ‘yes’ person. I am going to say ‘YES I am here to help’ to every opportunity to take on extra-credit assignments, contrbute to key projects and organise.
  5. Be good at my job (yes it sounds simple – but you are never going to be considered a leader if I can’t do my own job and meet my own deadlines).
  6. Communicate, make friends and make time for people – I previously worked in an open plan office, but in my current workplace everyone has their own office and the secretaries make the tea so it can be hard to mix and get to know people. So I try to make every effort to do so and though this I am also trying to establish relationships with more senior members of staff as well as my peer and colleagues.



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