How to prepare for taking time off at Christmas

This month we will be focussing on Christmas Time Management.

Today we are looking at how to prepare for taking time off for your Christmas Holidays so that you can have a relaxed time away from the office without one eye on your email or blackberry.

Your plan of action will largely depend on whether your office stays open during the holiday period and you need to find cover for the days you have chosen to take OR the office shuts completely. Having worked in both office environments I can safety say that shutting the office over the Chrismas Period is the preferred option.

Whether your office is open or not – you can start preparing now by doing the following things:

  • Simply try and get as much done as possible. Estimate your workload in the coming weeks and plan accordingly.
  • Start informing people in your letters and emails when you will be out of the office or when your office will be closed. If the office is staying open also inform customers and clients of any reduced opening hours.
  • Find out when contacts that you regularly work with are out of the office as well. If they perform a particular function in your work process you may need to plan and adapt.
  • Arrange with customers, clients and suppliers what tasks, meetings, jobs can wait until the new year.

If you are out of the office, but someone will be covering your work (or at least the urgent things) in your absence, leave good quality holiday notes (no one wants to spend Christmas doing your job as well as their own). If this does apply to you, you should also read our article for preparing holiday notes (includes free template).


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