Career Dev Prompt #2: Create Extra Bonus Project Goals

So, What is an extra bonus project?

Well, an Extra Bonus Project is one of those things you have always wanted to do for your career but haven’t – because you haven’t found the time or the opportunity.

Stop waiting for the right time or to have time. There will never be enough time. As we frequently say here at Finding Time – it is all about making choices and prioritising your time.

It may seem like you never have enough time for these extra bonus projects, but they are important to get done – Why? Because by actually doing your extra bonus projects (and getting the credit for them) is actually what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Stand out from the crowd!

PROMPT: Write your list of Extra Bonus Projects and break them down into ACTIONABLE GOALS.

Think about the extra bonus projects you want to get done over the next year and write a list. Remember: Keep your list manageable – I suggest four items.

Examples include:

·         developing personal and professional skills.

·         exciting extra credit projects you want to work on

·         networking activities

·         reading or writing articles for industry books and publications

These could then be broken down into specific items/actions depending on HOW you want to do them.

Subscribers of our Career Development Prompts Premium Plan (which is only £30 for a 2013/14 subscription) will be able to download our Extra Bonus Projects Action Plan.


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