When should you be time recording?

This month we have addressed:

This week is the last part of the time recording series and we are thinking about when you should be time recording.

When should you be Time Recording?

For those readers who work the 9-5 professionally you may already have time recording obligationsand if you don’t it can be hard to say that you SHOULD be incorporating time recording into your routine without first considering the advantages – and seeing if they apply to YOU! and whether they could work for your EMPLOYER (if it is not an industry standard it is unlikely that it should be). That said, it can be a powerful tool for you as an individual.

Time Recording can be of a great benefit for start-ups, solopreneurs, coaches and bloggers. Depending on the type of business you run or what you do should determine what activities you should record your time for. It is unrealistic to expect to be able to charge for everything that you do so think about what your chargeable (or billable) activities will be and at minimum record your time for these activities. You can also record your time for non-chargeable items if you are interested in carrying out a time management analysis.

So that leaves you with two options – only record your time for chargeable activities OR to record all your time (both chargeable and non-chargeable) activities and take the time to review at regular intervals.

Which shall YOU choose? What are YOUR chargeable activities?

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