How to Record your Time

Last week we talked about Time Recording including what time recording is and the advantages of time recording. Today we want to talk about different methods of recording your time.

There are three main ways that you can record time:

  • with pen and paper;
  • using a spreadsheet;
  • using a time recording tool.

I use a combination of pen and paper and Toggl. I use Toggl to physically record the time but I use the pen and paper to actually keep a record of the time. I have weekly targets – and on paper I record the etimate/target time and actual time spent – but this data comes from my Toggl timesheets. In my mind it is the perfect combination of both.

I use a combination of Filofax inserts to record my time – namely my weekly and monthly review inserts.

An alternative to toggl is my minutes as it helps you identify where you are spending your time, and a further alternative to time recording is completing work in 30 minute Intervals with the 30/30 iphone app which helps you keep focused with short bursts of productivity and enables you to break down your todo list into bite sized chunks.

The variety is endless – find an option that works well for you.

What apps do you enjoy using?


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