Time Recording with Toggl (Product Review)

Toggl is a time-recording tool.

What drew me to Toggl initially was its simplicity as a tool – combined
with functionality. It is available both online and as an app so I can
use it both when I am at my PC and when I am on the go – which for me is
perfect for time recording wherever I am.

The great thing about Toggl is that it can be put to use straightaway.
Just sign up and start tracking the time you spend on projects,
activities and actions. It is pretty flexible.

Just hit the start and stop button – simple.

You can also restart the clock on particular projects if you are for example wishing to bill on a per- hour basis.

For my purposes time recording is a tracking and cost estimate tool – I
do not bill directly for my time so I have not needed to upgrade to the
paid version of Toggl.

If you are looking to do bills and invoices – you
will need to upgrade to the PRO version. However it is a reasonable
price at £5/mo and you can try it for free in advance.


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