What to do with your Routine Task List?

Following on from part one of how to write your daily
routine task list
, this time round we are thinking more about what to do with
your routine task list and where to put this list so that you actually use it –

Consider the way you work – where are your other daily
tasks, what dictates what you do in any given day – is it your phone, your
diary, outlook and emails? If you could pinpoint one thing that rules your life what would it be?

Paper-Based Systems

If you are a fan of paper-based systems write your daily
routine list in your diary or Filofax.  There
are some great methods of doing this including:

  • Using a grid.
  • Using a checklist.
  • Using your page marker.

For my blogging and writing daily routine I use a
personalised daily routine notebook each month.

Using an App

If you are tied to your iphone or other smart phone using a
dedicated productivity app might be the best solution for you. Whether you use
a habit tracker style checklist such as daily goals or a to-do list as your app
of choice – make sure you pick something that you like to use. Your
choice can be based on visual appeal or functionality – it doesn’t matter
provided you like to use it as the more you like it, the more likely you are to
use it.

What did you choose?


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