How to Write a Routine Task List

I love checklists. I believe that using checklists for your job can be a great way to streamline your working processes and save time. I use on the job checklists for routine tasks, specific projects and personal routines.

My routine task list is a daily checklist and is personalised to suit my daily needs. I find that having a routine task list focuses my daily routine so that I am not wasting time when there are things that need to be done.

How to Write a Routine Task List

1. Take a week to plan

a week as an experiment and write down what you DO each day. You can
use you binder, planner or a blank piece of paper to write this down.
The easiest way is to simply make a running list – you will be surprised
at what you do in any given day.

2. Analyse your week

you have created the list the next step is to analyse this list. Use
either different colour pens, highlighters and marks and identify the
tasks in the following categories:

  • those that you do EVERY DAY,
  • those that you do on a WEEKDAY
  • those that are DAY specific.

Strike out those that are not routine tasks.  We are ignoring those ones today.

3. Create your list

about the order you do these routine tasks in or the order that you
want to do them in. For example you could split your list into morning,
afternoon and evening. I do. Then simply order the items on the list in
an order that works for you. For example: in order of importance or the
order you want to do them.

Great. So you have written the list – now what? Check back next Tuesday for part 2:  ‘What to do with your Routine Task List’.


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