Finding Time for… Career Development

Part of this blog, DIY Career Development, is about advancing your career, but when you are so busy just doing your job – how do you find the time to actually work on your career development? As a professional you need to find time to do your job well, develop a career development plan and carry out the actions required to develop it.

So how do you make time for this worthwhile endeavour?

1. Assess the gaps in your current schedule

I approach it the same way as I approach anything: make time by filling in gaps and scheduling it in. Personally I tend to use my lunch break as and when I need to and I have scheduled in a larger slot on a friday evenings for writing up my Career Journal.

2. Make your Scheduled ‘Career Development Time’ a habit

Once you have scheduled your time for career development – try to make it a routine so that you can make it into a habit. Use the time for Progressing and reviewing your career development so that you get to the point that you naturally do it.

3. Break your Career Development Goals into bite-sized chunks

Think about your allocated slots (whether they are 5 minutes, 15 minutes or an hour) and break down your actions or next steps for each of your goals into actions that will fit those time slots. I use my Career Development Goals Notebook as my to-do list, it makes it easy to break down my goals into simple action points. All I got to remember is to break down into a step that will fit nicely into my allocated time slots.

4. Review your Progress

Finally, reviewing your progress is essential on many levels such as making sure that you are actually making progress, keeping yourself on track and making sure you are managing your time correctly. Try and Schedule in a Monthly Review.

How do you find time for yours?


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