Time Management: Prioritisation

Last week I wrote about using paired analysis to help prioritise items on your to-do list. Using this method you compare items on your to do list and decide which is the most important. This is a great method but you also have to be consistent when determining what is more important for it to have real value.

What values or criteria should be used when assessing importance? There are 3 CORE drivers within task prioritisation:

  • Time
  • Importance
  • Value

You should consider the answer to the following questions to help PRIORITISE your tasks effectively:



  • How long will this task take? Do you have the time available now?
  • When does the task have to be done by? Is it a soft or hard deadline?
  • Do you have to set aside the time to do it?

Action: either do it now or set aside some time and mark it in your diary.



  • How important it is to get this task done? Who else is this task important to? (Consider the overall effect).
  • Is the task my responsibility or should someone else be doing it?
  • What other tasks or outcomes are dependent on this task getting done?



  • How valuable is this task to me? (Consider your goals, aspirations and personal needs)
  • How valuable is this task in monetary terms?
  • How might I be able to use this task to drive other financially viable projects/incentives?

Action: Evaluate how the task fits in with your career development plan (and your corporate goals).

If you are struggling with your prioritisation use these questions to help you evaluate what should take priority.


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