Join the Discussion: at what point do I stop referring to myself as a graduate?

Join the Discussion

I want to encourage readers to open up and engage in discussions. You are all invited to hang out here and discuss, via comments, the topic of the day, previous posts or in fact anything at all relevant to career development.  Or if you have a specific question to toss into the mix email me at

This week I was discussing Graduate Schemes with a friend and we were pondering at what stage do we stop referring to ourselves as a graduate? After all everyone in our office has a degree and is for all intents and purposes “a graduate”, but you wouldn’t dare refer to your boss as a graduate – would you?

Not to mention that some companies use the word “graduate” to refer to their junior members, new intake or those on a graduate entry scheme. So the question is at what point do you lose the “graduate” which in this context makes you sound young and inexperienced?

Quite frequently your title changes from graduate [insert role here] to something like [insert role here] or Assistant [insert role here] etc. This will normally be 1-3 years depending on your chosen career. But what if you work for a smaller company no specific graduate scheme and might not even have a specific promotion system?

How long do you wait until taking control of your own career progression and doing it yourself?


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