Time Management: Review and Adjust

There is always something that you have been trying to get off your to do list for the past month and it has not been happening. Don’t worry we all know that feeling. The solution: review the situation and adjust your strategy.

Unfortunately when faced with this sort of situation where you are not getting things done we have a tendency to procrastinate and postpone the task or action but do not always take the time to consider WHY it is not getting done.

So next time you are faced with this situation consider:

1. why is it not getting done?

(I don’t use the excuse “I don’t have time”).

  • you are waiting for…
  • you are avoiding…
  • you hate…
  • nothing…
  • task is too big…
  • you need…
  • you don’t have…

2. Then consider whether this is a genuine reason or a procrastinating excuse

Too often we convince ourselves that we have a reasonable excuse or reason, when really we are just putting it off for no good reason.

3. Finally consider HOW you are going to get it done!

For each to-do item consider “an action” to take you one step closer to getting it done. If you are genuinely waiting on someone else, chase them. If you are simply procrastinating SCHEDULE in time to do the task into your diary – break it down into bite-sized chunks if necessary. Have an Action Plan.

Flash Freebie: Stop Procrastinating Checklist (Filofax)

Flash Freebie: Stop Procrastinating Worksheet


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