YouTube Marketing: Tips for using YouTube


To finish off this month’s series on YouTube Marketing (view the complete series here) I decided to share a collection of YouTube Tips.

  •  Create Playlists

Once you have built up a collection of videos Group Playlists by Topic of Theme.

  • Create a Series of Videos

Break longer topics or videos into sections or a series of videos. Each one of them has their own marketing potential and don’t forget to carefully consider the title, use of keywords with each one and to link to the other videos in the series. This is where Annotations come in useful.

  • Create Channel Art

If you are stuck – watch this video.

  • Comment

Don’t just limit your presence to your YouTube Channel – engage in conversation elsewhere on YouTube and spread your advice and knowledge in a variety of places. Starting up or engaging in intelligent conversations elsewhere can drive traffic to your channel

  • Don’t forget to spread the word

Encourage Subscription to your YouTube Channel on your website, on social media and in other publications so your clients/customers get notified of when you add new content.



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