Time Management: Scheduling your time [an example]

I blogged previously about fitting your career development routine into your regular routine here. So this week as I am preparing for the month ahead I wanted to share a bit more of how I do this with you.

At the moment I am using my “One Schedule” method of planning my time, where I plan a month, then week, then day.  This includes my career development.

I now have a Training Day scheduled for next month and I am currently planning out how and when to fit in my preparatory work. I need to fit this prep work in my usual routine.

Here is what I do:

1. Work out what it is I need to do and write is as an action in a sentence.

I try to write this as a small enough step to match the time that I typically have allocated to this Career Development. No more than half an hour if I can help it.

2. Work out how much time and what type of time you will need to do it in.

There are several things to consider here:

  • Location
  • Tools of the Trade (e.g. do I need a computer)
  • Do I need to do this when I am really productive (or can it be when I am having some downtime)

Because this work (with the exception of an article) is not the type of work you write in one sitting. I have allocated it through out the day. 10-15 minutes before work and 10-15 minutes at lunchtime. It also needs to be submitted electronically – so I can only do it at the computer.

3. Schedule at the beginning of the week when writing your regular schedule – be aware of deadlines but give yourself time.

This morning I wrote my to-do list for the week and included all my “actions” for my career development and more specifically when I was going to do them. At the end of the week if I have not managed to do them I have also made a note that I then have two extra days to catch up and get the work submitted.

4. Do it.

Simple. No fuss. Just get it done.


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