YouTube Marketing: Corporate Branding and Marketing


From a career development prospective there may be an opportunity to get involved in the marketing of the Company you work for regardless of your role. Taking advantage of such an opportunity shows that you:

  • are proactive;
  • care about the Company and the success of the Company;
  • can work outside your designated role; and
  • have good ideas.

If you are contributing to such ventures and working beyond your role it may benefit you when you wish to apply for a pay-rise of a promotion or even a change in job.

Some larger companies will have a Marketing Team so anything done under the “Corporate Banner” will usually need to be cleared with them first. (Check your company’s marketing and social media policies).

You may get a flat-out No. Sometimes it may work against you to push back – learn to read your own company’s corporate culture and learn what is acceptable. If it is not acceptable you may wish to consider whether YouTube can be used to your advantage from a personal branding point of view (and there is more on that later in this series).

If you work for a business that relies on its employees to take control of their own marketing strategy or support and be active in their existing company marketing framework and you are one of these employees – you may wish to consider how YouTube can be utilised. Particularly, if this is an area no-one has been brave enough to enter yet.


Make a pitch to your boss at your next marketing meeting or ask you boss to include it in your objectives at your next appraisal.

DIY ACTION POINT: Plan and Make a Pitch. Make sure you can answer these questions.

Free Download: Making a Pitch at your Next Marketing Meeting.


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