How to fit your Career Development into your regular routine

Career Development is a funny thing. We only tend to concentrate efforts to our Career Development when we are getting itchy feet, looking for a new job, feeling under pressure or need a pay rise. Career Development is so much more than that and should be something that you consider all the time at the back of your mind.

Today I wish to explore how you can fit a career development plan into your regular (and probably busy) schedule. Try these simple tips:

1. Try and include one Career Development Item on your to-do list each week

It doesn’t matter if progress is slow as long as you are making progress. Make Career Development a regular feature on your to-do list. Even in a career downtime try to do one item a week.

2. Include your Career Development Goals in your regular Goals list

All goals should be treated equally. By all means categorise them but keeping your goals in separate locations can mean if you are not focussed you can lose sight of some of your goals. Make sure your Career Development goals get the exposure they need and don’t get dumped on the “Someday list” for eternity.

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3. Include your Career Development planning and review  in your regular routine

Build your Career Development plan into your regular planning routine. If you review your to-do list at the end of the week for half an hour on a Sunday afternoon or write in a journal on a monthly basis… whatever your regular method – include your review of your Career Development.

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4. Keep a Record of your Career Achievements

Whether you keep a career, happiness or gratitude journal, a to-do diary or simply include it on your celebrating the small things list make sure you note your achievements somewhere… anywhere. Try and record the things you achieve before they are forgotten and become a distant memory.

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This is the first in what I hope will become a regular series “Time Management Tuesdays”.  Need advice on a particular aspect of planning, time management or career development get in touch by email at


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