YouTube Marketing: DIY Marketing


Readers, you know only too well that to get anything in this life you have to be proactive and do it yourself. Marketing is much like your own career development – you need to take advantage of the resources available to you and make the most of them.

You might think you know nothing about marketing. Yes, some people dedicate their entire careers to marketing (you might even be one of them). However, I strongly believe that marketing at the most basic level is something that everyone can take part in. Something everyone can have a say in.

YouTube is just one of the resources available to help the individual (and a company) put a marketing campaign in place. It can form part of your overall marketing strategy or it can be a stand-alone campaign.

I have already written about why you should be on YouTube – if you missed it check out the post here. Once you have created your YouTube account you need to start thinking about how to create a presence and a brand (or image) for your personal or corporate account.

Creating and Customising your YouTube Channel

Whether you end up promoting a Corporate YouTube Channel for the Company you work for or end up working on your own personal brand – you should consider customising your YouTube Channel.

  • Complete your Profile: Like any other online presence you should have a complete bio or profile. Your profile should also include a link to your main website. Incomplete or uninformative profiles are a turn-off to other users. Additionally if you have both a corporate and personal YouTube channel – try to keep them separate.
  • Brand it! The most obviously branding strategy is to match the “look and feel” of your YouTube Channel to your brand. Create Channel Art.
  • Encourage Social Interaction

Content: Making the Videos

So you have joined YouTube and created your channel – now comes the difficult bit: creating content.

Whether you chose to hire a professional production team or shoot homemade videos with you iPhone the key to having a great videos and a good number of subscribers is having great content.

A Simple Strategy: Deliver good content and then ask people to visit your website. Write your Content Plan now.

Once you have outlined what you are doing there should be nothing stopping you from shooting those videos and uploading them to YouTube.

Marketing the Videos

Unfortunately creating and uploading your videos is not the end of the story and nowhere near enough. You must also help spread the word about your videos and make them findable. Make your YouTube Videos findable by:

  • Using low competition keywords
  • Including 5-10 tags per video
  • Creating Playlists
  • Sharing videos on your Website and Social Media Accounts.

DIY ACTION POINT: Write a Content Plan


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