YouTube Marketing: An Introduction


If you are not already on YouTube or you subscribe but don’t actively use it – you should consider it if:

  • You want to promote your “personal brand”
  • You are an employee involved in your employer’s marketing (or feel that they just need guidance)
  • You are in marketing or want to be.
  • You are a small business owner looking to gain clients or customers
  • You are a musician, designer, writer, engineer, [insert your own title here] and want to promote your product or showcase your talent.

If you are reading this blog – that should be all of you.

So why use YouTube at all?

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine (and YouTube videos are included in regular google searches)
  • YouTube can be used in combination with other forms of social media and as part of an online marketing strategy
  • YouTube can drive traffic to your website
  • YouTube can showcase your skills, you brand, and your products all at the same time – the creative possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to be uploading videos to be on YouTube

A lot of people think that having a channel on YouTube or signing up for YouTube means that you have to upload videos and can be put off exploring what can be a very useful tool.

YouTube is also about the social experience much like other social networking sites. Using YouTube socially first can build up a presence and build up your confidence in tackling your YouTube Marketing Strategy (not to mention give you ideas).

Use YouTube to explore other people’s offerings, whether it is looking at competitors, businesses or individuals you admire or aspire to be like or simply educational or entertaining videos that capture your interest and time.

Spend some time on YouTube exploring, searching, commenting on other people’s channels and videos (yes you can build relationships on YouTube), sharing and creating playlists of favourite videos.  Sharing on YouTube is not just about uploading your own content. You can share other people’s videos (much like sharing blog-posts, or interesting things on Twitter or Facebook).

DIY ACTION POINT:  sign up to YouTube now and go exploring.


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