X is for…. X

X is for… X (and by X I mean roman numeral 10).

X (or 10) is a great number. A great number for lists. I love Top 10 Lists, and under L is for… Lists I wrote about keeping a list of my dream jobs (place to work). In my own personal career journal this takes the form of a Top 10 list (although it does not have to).

There are a number of “Top 10” lists that you should write (and review) as part of your career development:

I.   Top 10… Jobs 
This should be a list of your dream jobs, places that you would love to work etc. much like the list you wrote previously.

II.  Top 10… Clients or Projects
This list should be of opportunities you want to take advantage of – or the top clients and projects that you have worked on or if you are looking to the future – want to take on.

III.  Top 10… Achievements
The things that you have done in your career that you should be bragging about on your CV and in interviews.The things that should not go unmentioned.

IV.  Top 10 … Skills
Make this list simply so you have thought about what your best skills are – yes you may know what you can do, but take some time to think about what you excel at.  

V.  Top 10… Ways to Relax
It should not be all about work. know what you do for fun and to relax and enjoy yourself.  Too often it can feel like you just have work and then home life (cooking, cleaning sleeping). I write – what do you do?

VI. Top 10… Tips for Doing Your Job
How would you explain to someone how to do the job. What advice would you give to your successor?

VII. Top 10 … Improvements you would make
What would you improve about your job and what recommendations would you give to your boss if he asked (or gave you an unlimited budget).

VIII. Top 10… Things you love about your Job
How do you sell what you do? List what you love so when you have a bad day you can remember why you do the job and why you love it.

IX. Top 10… Resources
List the best external sources of information.

X. Top 10… Contacts
List your contacts in one handy place. Know who you can call on for advice, guidance and a good kick up the ass if necessary.


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