L is for… Lists

If you read either of my Blogs you will know that I love Lists. A list that I always find interesting from a careers perspective is the The Top 100 Graduate Employers published by The Times.
Regardless of whether you are actively job hunting, or simply keeping an eye out for the *right* opportunity you should always keep a “Dream Job” list and/or a “Companies I would LOVE to work for list”. 
I keep a list of places I would love to work in my goals section of my career development plan. Do you?
If not, write it now!

Running a bit late this week but for this weeks celebrating the small things with Vik Lit – my list is:

  1. continued enjoyment of the a to z challenge (this seems to have taken over my blogging life)
  2. watching all of season one of Battlestar Galactica (yes, rewatching this awesome show).
  3. enjoying a fantastic selection of cheese and crackers
  4. another new episode of doctor who
  5. attending a series of client meetings with my new supervisor and getting to know her better

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