Worship of Tools Day

Today is apparently “Worship of Tools Day” presumably a day aimed at the male population to encourage them to get out their tools and do some DIY. I am a lucky girl my significant other does a lot of DIY in fact he actively looks for projects to do (and the list is getting longer).

However, today I wanted to think more about the tools of a career journalist, writer or blogger and I ask – what tools do you use?

I write in a notebook, organise with both a collection of notebooks and a filofax and I type on a computer – in word.

So far it has not become any more sophisticated than that and I ponder whether I should be looking at software geared towards writers?

What do you use?


2 thoughts on “Worship of Tools Day

  1. well- I used to write everything down on paper in all kinds of notebooks. But now that I have a laptop I have been trying to write on it instead. Not sure if it is helping or hurting the writing process. But it does save time from writing on paper and then transferring to the computer.

    What is a filofax?

  2. I find it saves a lot of time doing it straight on the computer – but I find I am much more “inspired” when using a notebook and pen.

    A filofax is a personal binder/organiser. I continue to prefer paper based planning. I have just bought a new one to help me plan my writing and blogging time.

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