Preparation for the A to Z Challenge

Following my “Big Reveal” Post it dawned on me – “gosh! I now have to get on with it” as the challenge starts in a matter of days.

So I have been running through the essentials:

  • the theme – check
  •  the blog posts (drafted and scheduled) – 3/26
  • Mina kindly suggested getting rid of the Captchas/Word Verification – check
  • No Anonymous Comments check
  • Make Connections   

This last one is where I need to get up to speed (that and writing the actual blog posts) – My A to Z Welcome email suggests Google Friends Connect, Feedburner / RSS feeds, Linky Followers and Networked Blogs. I don’t use any of these and I have no idea which ones I should be using. If I have time I will look into these further but any recommendations / advice in the interim would be appreciated.

My new computer should be arriving this weekend so hopefully won’t be working on borrowed time on a borrowed computer throughout the challenge. All I got to do is hope that it all arrives and then successfully build it.

I will look forward to seeing you all during the challenge.

A to Z Challenge: The Big Reveal

I have decided to add 2 blogs to this years A to Z Challenge – yes it is a challenge – but I have decided that I wanted to turn my writing up a notch this year and get more into both writing regularly and blogging regularly.


So this is my big reveal post. 

So the question on everyone’s mind – what is your theme for the A to Z Challenge? This time I have decided to include extracts of my current WIP which is a non-fiction workbook focussing on Career Development.

So tune back in for tips for developing your full-time job into something you love. Examples of what I will be writing about include:

  • A for… Appraisals
  • B for… Buddies
  • C for… Covering Letters


My other blog which is also taking part in the challenge is Planning with Printed Portal. Over there the theme for April is more about Filofaxes and organisation with paper. Each day I will be offering one of my personal Filofax inserts as a free download. So if you are the proud owner of a Filofax be sure to check it out.

I look forward to visiting you during the challenge.

Worship of Tools Day

Today is apparently “Worship of Tools Day” presumably a day aimed at the male population to encourage them to get out their tools and do some DIY. I am a lucky girl my significant other does a lot of DIY in fact he actively looks for projects to do (and the list is getting longer).

However, today I wanted to think more about the tools of a career journalist, writer or blogger and I ask – what tools do you use?

I write in a notebook, organise with both a collection of notebooks and a filofax and I type on a computer – in word.

So far it has not become any more sophisticated than that and I ponder whether I should be looking at software geared towards writers?

What do you use?